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SpringRose restaurant and Banquets

A Legacy of Celebrations, Blossoming with New Elegance!

Springrose isn’t just a new venture; it’s the culmination of a family’s passion for creating unforgettable experiences. Behind this thriving bloom stands the Padhye Gandhi Group, a name synonymous with exquisite experiences in Pune and Ratnagiri since 2010.

Our Journey...

The journey began with Swapnapurti Hall, a testament to the Group’s unwavering commitment to crafting unforgettable celebrations. From managing Punyayi Sabhagruha and Rosewood Banquets to nurturing the vibrant ‘Sunshine – Girls Hostel,’ Padhye Gandhi has consistently redefined hospitality across genres. Their footprint grew further with Mitramandal Sabhagruha in 2023, solidifying their dedication to serving the community.

In Ratnagiri, the story unfolded with Siddhivinayak Banquet Hall in 2013, followed by Hotel Mathura Executive and the esteemed Maratha Bhavan. Each venture bears the Group’s signature of warmth, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering focus on guest satisfaction.
And then, amidst the culinary landscape of Pune, a new blossom sprung to life – Padhye Gandhi – Shree Vallabh Caterers, a food brand showcasing the soul of authentic Indian delights. It’s this passion for culinary artistry that now finds its finest expression in Springrose.

About Springrose Restaurant and Banquet

Nestled near the highway in Wakad, Springrose isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a tapestry of possibilities, woven with two elegant banquet halls, each capable of hosting 150 guests. From intimate family gatherings where whispers of joy paint the air, to vibrant corporate events where ambition takes flight, Springrose transforms to seamlessly fulfill your vision.
Imagine whispers of joy echoing through the halls as you celebrate engagements and baby showers. Picture the twinkle of ambition fueling seminars and product launches. Envision the clinking of laughter during cherished get-togethers and high teas. And let your imagination ignite with the possibilities for musical programs, receptions, and countless other celebrations waiting to bloom within these walls.

But Springrose’s promise extends beyond the walls. It’s a promise whispered in the symphony of flavors orchestrated by our award-winning chefs. It’s a promise of personalized service, woven with warmth and unwavering attention to detail by our dedicated team. It’s a promise of memories that linger long after the last laughter fades, memories that bloom even brighter than the roses that adorn our name.
Welcome to Springrose, where legacy meets innovation, where celebrations bloom, and where your story awaits its finest chapter.